Removing And Transplanting A Mature Tree

It's frustrating when a tree is growing in an unwanted location, such as too close to the foundation of your home.  It's especially troublesome if the tree is healthy. The good news is that there are options for removing a tree without killing it. You can then replant it in an area that is better suited for it. The following are the basic steps the tree service must take to remove the tree without killing it. Read More 

How To Remove A Tree Stump Via Rotting

Allowing a tree stump to rot is one of the ways of getting rid of a tree stump without causing too much damage to the environment. Unfortunately, natural decay can take a long time to get rid of a stump. The following tips can help you accelerate the process. Trim the Stump The first step is to trim off as much of the tree material as possible. For example, you can use a chainsaw to trim the stump so that it is as close to the ground as possible. Read More 

Save Your Trees From Emerald Ash Borers With Good Prevention And Treatment

Emerald ash borer are small beetles that were first discovered in the United States in Michigan in the summer of 2002. Since that time, the exotic beetle, believed to have originated in Asia, has been confirmed in 35 states and continues to spread throughout Canada and the United States. While the adult beetle doesn't do a ton of damage to ash trees, the larvae get into the bark and destroy the tree from the inside. Read More 

Nuts About Your Young Fruit Trees? Care Tips To Encourage Health And Productivity

Having access to a bumper crop of your favorite fruit is something that many families dream about. A few will go on to make their dream into a reality by purchasing and planting fruit trees around their homes. Once the planting process has been completed, these adventurous families often find themselves fussing over these young, growing trees as they wait impatiently that first ripe, delicious fruit.  If you are an impassioned fruit tree owner and guilty of being a just a little bit nuts about their care, here are some helpful tips you can use to bolster tree health and encourage each one to produce fruit as quickly and productively as possible. Read More 

Overhanging Limb Issue? 3 Considerations Before Embarking on a DIY Tree Trimming Adventure

Trees are a common cause of disputes between neighbors. Often the argument revolves around a specific tree that straddles the property line, but sometimes the complaint is just because some of the tree limbs extend over the property line and obscure the view or drop leaves or fruit onto the neighbor's lawn. Homeowners who are involved in this type of dispute with a neighbor may be thinking about borrowing a chain saw and taking matters into their own hands. Read More