3 Cosmetic Tree Diseases That Strike The Paperbark Maple

The paperbark maple tree is a stunning ornamental tree well suited to even smaller yards. The modest sized tree has cinnamon colored peeling bark and rich green leaves that turn vibrant orange in fall. Other than the tree's beauty, a major selling point of the paperbark is its relative resilience against tree diseases. Resilience, however, doesn't mean immunity. There are still diseases you need to watch for in your paperbark maple and many ways that a landscaping service can help you contain the symptoms or disease itself. Read More 

Tree Diseases And Insects Of The Basswood – And How A Tree Service Can Help

Basswood trees are large, shade-giving trees with dark gray, furrowed branches and distinctive heart-shaped leaves that hang in clusters and turn from bright green to a vivid yellow in the fall. The basswood, which is also called the American linden, also has fragrant yellow flowers that make the tree a beautiful and aromatic addition to a larger yard. If you are considering planting a basswood tree, discuss with a nursery whether the tree is a good fit for your soil type and planting location. Read More 

Tree Diseases And Insects That Strike Black Locust Trees – And How A Tree Service Can Help

Black locusts are a mid-size tree with a distinctive rough, ash-gray bark and clusters of small oval leaves arranged in an alternating pattern on the supporting twig. The trees have brown seedpods that appear in the fall and fall off in the winter. Black locust trees can provide an added touch of visual interest to your yard without taking all the attention. If you're considering planting a black locust, you need to understand the potential threats ahead of time. Read More 

Tips For Maintaining Your Plum Tree

When it comes to fruit trees, plum trees are a great choice for most any yard. Unfortunately, they can also quickly overtake the yard if not pruned appropriately. In fact, plum trees will gain both height and width if they aren't managed, and that wild growth can actually cause fruit production and quality to suffer. By trimming your plum trees each year, you'll encourage new growth and fresh buds, which will help preserve the quality of the fruit. Read More 

How Can You Tell If A Tree Is In Danger Of Falling?

Winter snow storms and ice storms can impact sick trees in a variety of negative ways. Cold temperatures and heavy ice can worsen a tree's condition, leading to broken branches. In the worst-case scenario, diseased trees may get knocked over by the wind or ice. Falling trees can damage homes, cars and even injure people. Now that winter is here, homeowners who have one or more sick trees on their property may find themselves wondering if their trees are in danger of falling. Read More