Three Reasons To Have Tree Stumps Removed By Professionals

Most people don't realize that tree removal is actually a two-step process; obviously the tree must be cut down, but many people fail to realize that this process leaves a large, unsightly (and potentially hazardous) stump in the middle of their yard. Most reputable tree service companies will offer to remove the stump for an additional fee, or refer their client to a stump removal service with whom the tree service has a relationship. But unfortunately, too many homeowners mistakenly believe that stump removal is an easy process.

In truth, tree stump removal is usually outside the skill set of the average person, and wise homeowners leave the job to the professionals. There are a variety of reasons that stump removal is a complex process, but three primary reasons that it should be left to the pros include the following:

Without Access to the Proper Tools, Stump Removal is a Laborious and Time-Consuming Process

Most people in the business of removing tree stumps use high-powered grinding tools that essentially disassemble the stump, turning it into wood chips and dust. While it is possible to rent consumer-level stump-grinding tools from home improvement stores, few homeowners feel comfortable using these potentially dangerous tools.

Accordingly, the only option is to remove the stump manually with hand tools (trying to hoist a tree stump from the ground with a vehicle or tractor is exceedingly dangerous, and should never be attempted), such as shovels, spades, axes and chainsaws. Stump removal usually takes weeks' worth of effort – it makes better economic sense to pay for an hour of labor than to invest dozens of hours of your own labor.

Some Tree Stump Removal Processes Represent a Fire Risk

A commonly suggested method for removing stumps involves saturating the stump with an oxidizing agent, and then lighting the stump on fire. Tree stumps take a very long time to burn, and they do so incredibly slowly. Throughout this extended process, burning stumps occasionally produce hot embers, which can cause the fire to grow out of control.

Professionals Often Obtain Better Results Than Amateurs Do

Stump grinding specialists and tree service professionals remove tree stumps all the time and become quite skilled at the task. By contrast, many amateurs struggle to dig, cut, grind or burn a tree stump completely, and portions of the stump often persist longer than the homeowner's motivation does. These types of partially removed stumps are just as unattractive as they were at the outset, and just as hazardous too. 

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