Have A Tree Pushing Potential Renters Away? Get It Removed

Trying to rent out a single-family home is far different than renting an apartment or condo, as it is usually the tenant that is partially or completely responsible for maintaining the landscape. This means that what the landscape contains can have a huge impact on how many people become interested in the property. So, it is better to remove a problem tree to rent your home faster rather than make do with what you have.

High Maintenance Is Not Good for a Rental

If you have a black walnut tree in your backyard, you may think that it is great for the shade, but you cannot forget about the toxic substance that it releases in the surrounding area. With a range of 50 to 80 feet, you may have problems keeping other plants alive that are grown within the affected area. This puts a lot of responsibility on the tenants to maintain the property and keep the plants alive.

In half of all states, the emerald ash borer wreaks havoc on ash trees. If you have one on your property, you may not know about a pest-related issue until it is too late. It is tough to keep an eye on your tree when you are not there on a daily basis, but you do not want to put it on your tenants to keep constant guard. With this tree, you are better off removing it before it becomes an issue when the unit is occupied.

Some Trees Are Detrimental

If they visit your rental only to find one or more sweetgum trees in the backyard, they may not want to put in an application. Sweetgum trees leave tons of dangerous fruit on the ground that are a hassle to clean. In a single-family home with two, three, or four bedrooms, you can expect tenants to have kids. Most parents do not want their children roaming around a yard with thorny fruit on the ground.

If they do not notice the problem right away, they may be more inclined to move as soon as their lease is finished. Removing a sweetgum tree will keep you from having to worry about these possibilities.

Replant a Better Fitting Tree

When you have problematic trees, you can always find better ones to plant in your hardiness zone. The sugar maple tree requires low maintenance and is quite hardy against disease, while the fig tree provides fruit to your tenants a couple of times throughout the year.

Although you may be reluctant to remove a tree, you should not underestimate the impact that getting rid of a difficult tree can have on increasing your rental's appeal, especially when you add a new tree.

For more information, contact Robert Jefferies Logging & Tree Service or a similar company.