Three Different Approaches To Correcting The Bent Appearance Of A Tree In Your Yard

Every once in a while, you have a tree that grows out of your yard that you did not plant there yourself. Usually, it is a product of squirrels burying nuts and seeds, or a wayward wind depositing seed pods in your yard. While you may not be opposed to free and natural landscaping, you may be opposed to a tree that appears to be growing crooked. If you consult a tree trimming service, you may be advised of the following approaches to treating the crooked tree's appearance. Read More 

3 Tree Diseases That Strike Texas Cottonwoods – And How To Prevent Further Damage

The Texas cottonwood is a short, wide tree that grows best along ponds or rivers. Texas cottonwoods have greenish-tan bark, green leaves that turn bright yellow in the fall, and a cotton-like substance that grows off the leaves. These trees are a beautiful addition to a yard along the water. Texas cottonwoods are also a great "for now" landscaping choice while you try to decide on more permanent, higher maintenance trees as the cottonwoods don't have a terribly long lifespan. Read More 

Tips For Pruning Ornamental Cherries, Plums, And Crabapples

Not all fruit trees are planted for fruit, nor do they even bear fruit. Ornamental cherry trees, for example, include true cherry trees and those that don't produce fruit. Ornamental plums and crabapples produce fruit, but not always of edible quality. Instead, these landscape trees are prized for their attractive spring flowers. Proper pruning ensures they bloom fully each year, and the following tips can help. Tip #1: Timing Is Everything Read More 

Removing Hundred-Year-Old Trees From Your Yard: What To Expect

Some trees that reach the century or century-plus mark may not make it one more year. Their age, height, weight and dryness inside makes them dangerous; they can attract lightning during a storm, strong winds can crack and bend off heavy limbs, and insects can destroy every part of the tree. Disease usually begins to settle in, slowly killing off your ancient trees. If a tree of this age were to break, snap and/or crash down on you, you may not survive to see your hundredth year. Read More 

Three Times That It’s Wise to Hire a Tree Service

While it's commendable to want to roll up your sleeves and tackle any tree-related issue in your yard, the reality is that this work can be extremely dangerous. A simple mistake by an amateur can lead to significant property damage, injury or even death. Aside from minor trimming jobs, it's a better choice to put down your saw and pick up the phone to call a tree service. Armed with a combination of the right equipment and the right skills, tree service employees will be able to handle any tree-related job correctly and safely. Read More