To Trim Or Not To Trim: Your Guide To Winter Tree Trimming

Regular watering, pruning, and trimming are essential for your trees to thrive. While tree trimming is typically associated with the warmer months, some trees actually benefit more from trimming during fall and winter. This post will discuss what kinds of trees should be trimmed during the colder seasons and why it's important to hire a professional for the job. Maple Trees Maple trees are stunning all year round, especially during fall when their leaves turn into bright hues of yellow and red. Read More 

A Tree Removal Project To Support New Residential Construction

New residential construction may require that some trees be removed from the land. A licensed arborist will assess the property where construction will take place. Then, they will advise a residential landowner of ways to support the new construction project and to repurpose the wood that is harvested.  The Assessment Freeing up residential space often necessitates the removal of overgrown, diseased, or dying trees. Trees will be assessed during a routine inspection that a tree arborist performs. Read More 

Residential Tree Care Services: When Should You Consider the Pollarding Tree Pruning Technique

A well-manicured landscape elevates your home's curb appeal and maintains the health and longevity of your trees. Understanding the proper techniques for tree trimming, such as pollarding, can be the key to sustainable tree care. Pollarding balances aesthetics and growth control, particularly suited to certain species and situations. Let's explore deeper into when this unique pruning method is most appropriate for your residential tree care plan. Controlling Tree Size Pollarding is suitable when there's a need to control the size of a tree, especially in small yards or near buildings. Read More 

3 Times You May Need Professional Tree Removal

Removing a tree from your yard is a big job, but sometimes it needs to be done. Mature trees add value to your property, but they can take up a lot of valuable space in your yard. The young trees may have been planted with little thought to how tall and big they would be when mature. When you have a problem tree in your yard, a tree removal service can take it down for you. Read More 

What Can You Expect When Hiring A Pro To Trim Your Trees?

There are some very real benefits of having your trees trimmed. Trees that are routinely trimmed tend to grow in a more desirable shape. They may also be less prone to disease, and they are less likely to be damaged during a storm or strong winds. But what can you expect when you call a tree trimming company and arrange for them to come to trim your trees? Take a look. Read More