Three Benefits Of Tree Removal During Winter

Winter is generally the time of year when outdoor tasks get shelved and people prefer to spend time inside where it is warm and cozy. But, when it comes to the removal of a tree from your garden, winter is the ideal time for this task to be tackled. If you have a dead tree in your yard that needs to go, here are three benefits of doing so during winter so that you do not feel like you must wait until spring.

Managing Disease

It is important to maintain the health of all trees surrounding the one which is being removed. If the cause of death of a tree was a disease, then this disease may spread to other healthy trees in its vicinity. Spring is the ideal time to prune healthy trees to encourage new growth. When those cuts are exposed to disease, then a healthy tree could die. During the winter months, trees do not have exposed fresh cuts as pruning has not yet begun. Therefore, when a diseased tree is removed, the likelihood of it making neighboring trees ill is greatly reduced.

Reducing Potential Damage

When a tree has died, its root system slowly weakens. When a tree is no longer tightly tethered to the ground, then the chance of it falling over and causing property damage is increased. One big buildup of snow after a winter storm could be the catalyst needed for the tree to fall on your house roof or car. Removing a dead tree in winter means winter weather events do not have the potential to damage your property or the people living on it.

Less Ground Damage

During the winter months, trees and plants in your garden enter a dormant phase. There is little growth done as the plants conserve their energy while it is cold. This dormancy means that when a dead tree is removed during the winter, there is less chance of damage being done to plants around it. It also means that the machines needed to remove the tree can be taken on and off your property with minimal effect on the ground beneath it. Since this equipment is heavy, it means less ground repair is needed before spring grass growth begins.

As you can see, there is no reason to delay having a dead tree removed just because it is winter. Instead, take advantage of this time to get it off your property before the temperatures warm and new growth begins. Contact a tree removal service for more information.