3 Benefits Of Deadwooding

Dead or dying branches don't always mean that a tree is in serious trouble. However, you should remove these pieces of wood.

This type of tree trimming is called deadwooding. Here, you basically remove the dead wood from the tree leaving the rest in place.

What are the advantages of deadwooding?

1. Make the Tree Safe

Dead branches that are still attached to a tree are a safety hazard. If a branch snaps and falls, then it could injure anyone beneath the tree, or it could damage property.

Plus, dead branches increase wind resistance. They can make a tree lose its natural balance.

This is often a problem in windy conditions. Even moderate winds can dislodge dead or dying branches. They also make the tree less stable and could cause even more damage to it.

2. Reduce Pest and Disease Problems

Even if you're not worried about falling branches, dead wood can compromise the overall health of the tree if they're left in place for too long. They act as a conduit for pests and diseases to get into the healthy parts of the tree.

For example, pests might be attracted to the dead wood as it decays. Diseases, like fungal conditions, can also lodge in dead branches.

Pests and diseases weaken the already dead wood, making it even more fragile. More worryingly, they can also spread into the rest of the tree. It might become completely infested by pests; diseases might spread through its structure.

Pests and diseases can go on to kill off more wood on the tree. They can make the tree so sick and unhealthy that you'll lose it completely and will have to take it down.

3. Improve the Tree's Cosmetics

Dead branches on a tree don't look good. The tree might develop bare brown patches that make it look unappealing and unhealthy.

Plus, dead wood weights a tree down. It might pull down the healthy branches and foliage and make the tree look out of shape. It won't stand tall and proud.

Deadwooding gets rid of dead and dying branches. It restores the tree to its natural green and healthy state. Plus, the tree can stand more naturally if it isn't weighed down. It will regain its cosmetic appeal.

While deadwooding is an effective way of managing problems, this isn't a job you should do yourself. You need expert help to identify problem areas and remove them safely. To get the help you need, contact tree trimming contractors.