3 Reasons To Remove A Tree Close To Your House

As a homeowner, you may love having healthy trees on your property because they can provide shade, beauty, and privacy. Trees can also attract wildlife, including birds, rabbits, and squirrels, which you may love to watch with your family. However, hiring professionals for tree removal is sometimes a smart move, such as when you have one that is extremely close to your house. Branches Tree branches growing close to your house can cause numerous problems. Read More 

Unique Palm Tree Trimming Services That Can Improve Your Landscape

Palm trees add a beautiful, exotic touch to any outdoor landscape. However, when these trees become overgrown or damaged from storms, they can become an eyesore rather than a focal point. That's why it's important to have a palm tree trimming service you can trust. The professionals can help restore your palm trees to their natural beauty while ensuring they are healthy and strong. The arborists will assess the health of your palm trees before they start trimming. Read More 

Is It Time To Call Your Tree Pruning Specialist?

You should never do any tree pruning on your own. For starters, you probably don't have the right pruning tools and materials to get the job done correctly, and even if you do, you likely don't use them correctly. Secondly, every tree has its own tree pruning needs, which means your maple trees are going to have different needs than your pine trees and other trees. Every tree has its own purpose and benefit in your yard, something your tree technician understands well. Read More 

Tips For Trimming A Sweetgum Tree

Sweetgum trees are known for their dark, glossy leaves and their towering height. They have incredible canopies and can provide ample shade for the average backyard. However, sweetgum trees do require quite a lot of care, especially in the form of trimming. If they are not pruned properly, they can become more prone to disease, and they may develop an undesirable shape due to the suckers that grow out of the base of their trunks. Read More 

4 Tree Trimming Tips To Minimize Storm Damage

Rain provides moisture, which is essential for tree growth. However, severe rains,  storms, and strong winds can cause damage to your property and trees. Storms are notorious for uprooting shallow trees, which can cause injuries and damage your property. They could break off weak branches that may damage your windows and roof. Therefore, it is important to schedule tree trimming ahead of time to minimize storm damage. Below are some expert trimming tips to help your trees become more resistant to storm damage. Read More