Is It Time To Call Your Tree Pruning Specialist?

You should never do any tree pruning on your own. For starters, you probably don't have the right pruning tools and materials to get the job done correctly, and even if you do, you likely don't use them correctly. Secondly, every tree has its own tree pruning needs, which means your maple trees are going to have different needs than your pine trees and other trees. Every tree has its own purpose and benefit in your yard, something your tree technician understands well.

Is it time to call your tree pruning specialist? If it's been a while since you have had your trees inspected, it's a good idea to have your tree technician come to your property. They can not only inspect your trees for tree pruning needs, but they can also check your trees to make sure they are overall healthy. If a tree needs to be cut down or heavily limbed, your tree technician can also perform this more advanced tree pruning service.

Your trees look disheveled and thick

Your trees should all not be touching one another and should have room for plenty of space between them. They should not be so thick in the center that you cannot see through them. Proper tree pruning will allow your trees plenty of access to the sun and for branch and leaf growth. This is the best way to ensure your trees grow evenly healthy and strong and remain lush and full all season long.

Your trees look spindly and have shooters

Shooters or suckers are those branches that shoot like a long buzz cut straight out of the tops of your trees or along the tree base. These are spindly areas of growth that are not only unsightly, but they can also take away from the overall health and wellness of your trees. You should have your tree technician do some tree pruning on trees that look like they have too much new growth, especially if they are fruit trees or decorative species.

Your tree technician will charge by the tree or by the hour, whichever benefits everyone involved. If you're on a budget, let your tree pruning specialist know so they can work within your budget. You can get many of your services done even on a small budget. Any improvements you make to your yard via tree pruning can give you a beautiful yard that looks well-cared for and more enjoyable to be in overall. 

For more information about tree pruning, contact a local company.