3 Reasons To Remove A Tree Close To Your House

As a homeowner, you may love having healthy trees on your property because they can provide shade, beauty, and privacy. Trees can also attract wildlife, including birds, rabbits, and squirrels, which you may love to watch with your family. However, hiring professionals for tree removal is sometimes a smart move, such as when you have one that is extremely close to your house.


Tree branches growing close to your house can cause numerous problems. For instance, these branches might grow into the siding, roofing, gutters, or windows. Strong branches with sharp edges can damage these features, such as making holes in the gutter or scratching the siding.

Removing the tree will give you confidence in protecting your home. Repairing or replacing these features can become expensive, so you will appreciate knowing they are protected.


Another concern with trees is the debris they produce. Cleaning up debris on the ground floor is usually an easy task unless the debris covers flowers and shrubs. Then you will need to be extra careful with removing debris to prevent causing harm to these plants. Debris cleanup becomes an even trickier task when it builds up on the roof and inside the gutter system.

Removing this debris is important to prevent damage to your home's features. Leaves, seeds, and twigs can build up on the roof and become wet and muddy after rainfall. This can then lead to water damage when the wet debris is not cleaned up promptly. Debris buildup inside a gutter can also clog the entire system and prevent water from draining correctly.


Some tree root systems do not spread far from the trunk, while others continue growing over a large area. Both deep and shallow roots can cause problems for your home. Tree roots growing closer may lead to foundation issues, which are often difficult to diagnose and repair. An easy solution is to remove the potentially problematic tree before you experience foundation issues.

Getting rid of a tree with widespread root growth will also benefit the landscape in the surrounding area. For instance, you will eliminate competition for plants and trees and prevent deep or shallow root growth from causing direct damage or even destroying plant life.

A tree growing close to your house might noticeably boost curb appeal. However, you will find it worthwhile to remove this kind of tree to protect your home.  

For more info about tree cutting, contact a local company.