When Is Tree Removal Necessary?

Cutting down a tree that you have natured isn't easy. However, some circumstances will force you to remove a tree from your backyard. Failure to do so will expose you and your loved ones to danger. Besides, you might risk the health of other trees. That said, look at some situations that require tree removal.


Encroaching trees are a nuisance to most property owners. So, if you have been getting into heated arguments with your neighbor due to encroaching trees, consider tree removal. Encroaching trees can mess up your neighbor's yard during fall. Besides, the branches could break and cause damage to your neighbor's property. In that case, you should get the encroaching tree removed to avoid arguments and lawsuits.

Storm Damage

Storms are notorious for causing extensive damage to trees. A storm can break a tree in half or cause the trunk to crack. The root system of your trees might also be affected, causing the tree to lean dangerously. Most trees that have been severely affected by storms can't be rescued. That's why you must get them removed before they cause any accidents.

Dead Tree

Trees die, and those in your backyard aren't an exception. Trees mostly die due to old age, adverse environments, diseases, insects, and catastrophic events. Dead trees are hard to miss because they will have a dry trunk, no leaves, and will have changed color. While such trees can remain firm in the ground, they can attract termites. So, there is no need to ignore a dead tree. You should instead remove it to avoid further problems.

Sick Tree

If a tree on your property gets sick, you should act fast before it spreads the illness to surrounding trees. You can first invite an arborist to check if the disease can be managed. Sometimes trimming and pruning can stop the infection from affecting the entire tree. But if that's impossible, the arborist will recommend tree removal to save the rest of the trees.

The Tree Is Damaging Your Home

You can trim a tree whose branches are hanging over your roof. Unfortunately, you can't do the same for trees damaging your home's foundation. Remember, the tree's roots will keep growing, and they might cause huge cracks that might interfere with your home's structural integrity. In that case, you will have to save your house by removing the tree from the property.

Other instances when tree removal is necessary are:

  • Overgrowth
  • Poor location
  • Infestation
  • The roots are rotting

For more information, contact a tree removal service near you.