A Tree Removal Project To Support New Residential Construction

New residential construction may require that some trees be removed from the land. A licensed arborist will assess the property where construction will take place. Then, they will advise a residential landowner of ways to support the new construction project and to repurpose the wood that is harvested. 

The Assessment

Freeing up residential space often necessitates the removal of overgrown, diseased, or dying trees. Trees will be assessed during a routine inspection that a tree arborist performs. An arborist is a licensed tree specialist who is often employed through a tree removal company.

The arborist's job is to determine if a property owner can benefit from having one or more trees removed. During the assessment, the arborist will determine the health of each tree that is growing on the land. They will establish whether removing a particular tree will support a property owner's decision to have a new structure built upon the land.

The health and size of a tree will factor in whether or not an arborist believes that the tree should remain intact, be pruned, or be removed in its entirety.

The Quote

After a property owner has chosen to have trees removed, the arborist who performed the assessment will furnish a quote for the removal project. The amount of money that a tree removal project will cost will be dependent upon the number of trees being removed. The difficulty associated with removing each tree could also influence how much the removal project will cost.

Repurposing The Wood

A tree removal company offers several ways for wood to be repurposed. A tree removal company may sell or donate wood that is harvested. The wood may be used to manufacture wood pulp products or mulch. Wood that is sold by the tree removal company may ultimately be used to heat homes or businesses.

A property owner can also request to retain the wood that is harvested during the tree removal project. If a property owner chooses to salvage the wood, they can request that the tree removal crew cut the wood into small pieces that will be easy to handle.

Wood can then be used as a heating source or as a material that will improve the aesthetical value of the property. A property owner may decide to use a woodchipper to cut wood into small slivers. If so, the wood slivers can be used as a mulching material that will beautify flowerbeds and gardens.

Contact a local tree removal company, such as Peru’s Tree Service Inc., to learn more.