3 Times You May Need Professional Tree Removal

Removing a tree from your yard is a big job, but sometimes it needs to be done. Mature trees add value to your property, but they can take up a lot of valuable space in your yard. The young trees may have been planted with little thought to how tall and big they would be when mature. When you have a problem tree in your yard, a tree removal service can take it down for you. Here are three times you may need to remove a big tree from your property.

1. When You're Building A Home Addition

If you're adding on to your home, you'll probably be limited in where you can build the addition. It needs to be behind the setback area and away from your property line and easements. Plus, the addition needs to be joined to your home in a way that's aesthetically pleasing. If a mature tree is in the way, it may need to be removed to make room for your addition. A tree removal company can cut down the tree before work on your addition begins so they have plenty of room to work.

2. When You're Considering Solar Panels

A solar panel professional will examine your roof and the amount of shade and sunlight it gets when deciding if your roof is a good candidate for solar panels. If your roof has too much shade, removing the tree might be necessary. With the tree out of the way, your roof can get more hours of full sun each day. Removing a tree so you can have solar power in your home is actually an environmentally friendly exchange, so you don't have to feel bad about removing your tree.

3. When You're Getting An Inground Pool

When you plan a new pool installation, the best spot may be taken up by a big tree. Your pool contractor can help you decide whether a tree needs to go. A tree in your yard usually needs to be several feet from the new pool, so the tree may need to be removed so the pool won't be harmed.

Trees can be bad for pools since the roots might damage a liner, fill the pool with leaves, or cast too much shade on the pool. A tree removal company can take down the tree, but they may not need to grind away the stump. The excavation contractor that digs the hole for your pool can dig out the stump and dispose of it with the roots still attached.

For more information, contact a tree removal company near you.