Troubles With Your Trees? Signs You Need Spring Tree Trimming Services

If you've got problems with your trees, now's the time to do some trimming. If you're like most people, you might think that spring is the wrong time to trim trees. That's not the case. Some tree problems can't wait until fall. Not sure you need to trim your trees right now? Read the list below. If you're dealing with any of the issues described here, it's time to trim your trees. 

Your Fruit Trees Aren't Producing 

If your fruit trees have stopped producing, don't replace the trees. Trim the branches instead. If there are too many branches, your tree can't get enough nutrients for fruit production. But, you do need to remove the right branches. That's where a tree trimming service comes into the picture. A tree trimming service will remove the right branches. They'll also avoid removing too many branches. That way, your trees will produce more fruit next season. 

You're Getting Hit in the Head

If your trees are overgrown, you need to worry about injuries. Low-hanging branches can cause serious injuries. That's especially true where your face and head are concerned. If you keep running into low-hanging tree limbs, don't wait until fall. Hire a tree service right away. They can remove the limbs that are hitting you in the head. 

Your Trees Need Reshaping

If you have trees that are overgrown, don't wait until fall. Overgrown or top-heavy trees can benefit from a spring trim. Spring trimming removes the overgrowth and restores good health to your trees. It also restores the shape of your trees. That's especially beneficial when your trees are top-heavy. Too much growth at the top puts your trees at risk of wind and storm damage. 

Your View Is Obstructed 

If you have an obstructed view from your windows, trimming your trees can restore the view. Luckily, when you have an obstructed view, you only need to remove the limbs that are in the way. That way, you can improve your view, without changing the shape and size of your trees. Spring trimming is also beneficial for removing limbs that block sidewalks, or obstruct the view of road signs. 

Your Trees Have Pests 

If you've found pests in your trees, now's the time to schedule a trimming service. Trimming your trees can remove the infestation. It can also prevent the spread of pests to other trees. Spring trimming also helps stop the spread of tree-related diseases. 

To find out more, contact tree trimming services today.