Water Sprouts And Suckers - Pruning Tips For Fruit Trees

Water sprouts and suckers grow from dormant buds on a fruit tree. Sprouts and suckers can reduce the production of fruit and hinder a tree's ability to receive an adequate amount of nutrients. Use some tree pruning tactics to restore fruit trees that are affected by sprouts and suckers.

Determining The Cause

Water sprouts grow along the branches of a tree. They extend vertically from branches. Suckers grow along the base of a tree. They extend vertically from roots. Storm damage, root loss, drought, and over-pruning can lead to the growth of water sprouts and suckers.

Without properly determining what has triggered the growth of water sprouts and suckers, a tree may continue to have these extensions growing from them year after year. An arborist can be hired to inspect the health of a tree. They will assess the growth pattern of a fruit tree, plus examine the soil quality that a tree is planted in.

The inspection process will help an arborist determine what has triggered the water sprouts and suckers to grow. Tree and land care techniques may discourage sprouts and suckers from growing during future seasons.

Removing Or Shortening Protrusions

Water sprouts tend to be thin and flexible. They are fairly easy to remove, as long as they haven't had ample time to establish themselves. The fruit tree species that is growing on your property could determine the amount of water sprouts that grow on a tree. Some trees are prone to a larger amount of water sprout growth than others.

An arborist may advise that all of the water sprouts are not removed at once. Leaving some of the water sprouts intact will ensure that the tree receives an adequate amount of energy. If an arborist decides to thin out the water sprouts, they will use a targeted pruning method that involves the removal of some of the sprouts.

An arborist may also decide to trim the sprouts. This pruning process will involve removing the tips of the sprouts.

The suckers that grow from the roots should be removed in entirety. Suckers are shoots that grow quickly. If suckers remain intact, they could deplete the nutrients that a fruit tree needs to produce fruit.

Pruning techniques will improve the health of a tree, plus ensure that the shape of a tree looks natural. A tree service professional may recommend that all of the fruit trees that you own are inspected and pruned on an annual basis.