Oak Tree Not Growing Well? 2 Signs It Is Time To Remove It

Oak trees are beautiful, and it can be difficult to make the decision to remove a tree. This is especially true if the tree is large and old. Oak trees are beneficial as they provide you with shade and also provide food for wildlife. If you have an oak tree that is not growing well, below are two signs you need to hire a tree removal service to remove it for you. 

Problems with Bark and Leaves

One sign a tree is diseased is problems with the bark and leaves. The bark may be shedding much more than normal. If so, you will see bare spots on the trunk or a lot of the bark lying on the ground. When the bark falls, the cambium layer, which is right behind the bark, is damaged. This will cause problems as this layer is what allows movement of nutrients and water to the entire tree. There are many things that can cause bark to fall, from a fungus to an insect problem. 

Having dead leaves that fall off the tree prematurely, or leaves with a lot of holes in them, is another sign the tree is diseased with something. This is often caused by a damaging insect or a fungus that may have spread to the leaves. If only part of the tree is losing bark and there are not a lot of dead or damaged leaves, the tree may be saved. If most of the tree is affected, it should be removed. 

Has Storm Damage

If you have a bad storm with a lot of high winds and lightning, this can damage a tree. In some cases, the tree may be damaged severely. Inspect your oak tree to see if it has any problems. You may only see a few branches that have fallen from the tree. If so, this will not cause a problem. 

If you see a lot of branches that are partly broken and could soon fall, you need to remove the tree. There also may be damage to the trunk, which is often caused by lightning. It can be so severe that the tree may look like it is going to fall. This will cause damage to structures or injury to people, so have the tree removed quickly before anything like this happens. 

The tree removal service can tell you if you should remove your oak tree. They will then give you information on the process they use to remove the tree for you. 

Contact a professional for more information about tree removal