Summer Tree Pruning: 3 Reasons Why It’s Important

Many homeowners work hard to ensure that the trees in their yard are properly maintained and grow strong and healthy. One way to ensure this is by considering tree pruning. While some people prefer to undertake pruning in the cold months, there are plenty of reasons why summer is a great time to undertake such maintenance. For instance, you're assured of healthy growth of your trees and better management of pests and diseases. This guide provides a detailed account of why summertime tree pruning is important.

It Can Help Restore Your Trees Structure

It's advisable to undertake restorative pruning during the summertime as it helps to address issues that may arise due to under or over-pruning. Remember that too much pruning can put your tree under a lot of stress. On the other hand, under pruning may leave weaker branches that are a safety hazard. If you experienced a storm during spring and winter, this is a great time for your professional to inspect and remove the damaged limbs. This helps to restore your trees to their natural shape, which in turn helps improve your home's curb appeal.

Pruning Ensures the Healthy Growth of Your Tree

If your trees have dense growth, particularly in the summer, pruning is a great way to ensure healthy growth. This is designed to ensure that the leaves receive more sunlight to encourage better development. It's also a great way to check and remove areas with struggling growth, ensuring a stronger re-growth. When undertaking tree pruning, it's advisable to seek the help of an experienced professional. This will ensure that there aren't any open wounds that may accelerate the growth of fungi.

It Helps Keep Pests and Diseases At Bay

Over time, trees attract different pests, including aphids and mites. When they infest your trees, they don't just make unsightly hives, but they affect the health of your plants. When you seek tree pruning services, your professional will check the branches severely affected by pests and remove them. They'll also inspect areas affected by diseases. If any, they'll remove them to stop the disease from spreading.

Pruning is critical in ensuring that your tree remains in great shape. Additionally, removing the weak branches on the sides of your tree eliminates concerns that they may fall, causing damage to your property. This guide should help you learn why pruning during summer is advisable. Schedule the activity with a tree service professional for the best results. 

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