Why It’s Important To Maintain The Trees And Shrubs In Your Yard

If you have several trees and shrubs on your property, you'll probably need a landscaping service to maintain them if you're unable to do so yourself. Trees and shrubs grow constantly, and they can get scraggly and unattractive. In addition to keeping your grass mowed neatly, you'll want to keep the trees and plants in your yard groomed and healthy. Here's why.

Tree Diseases Can Spread

If you notice leaves in a tree are dead during the summer, you may want a landscaping service to take a look. The tree might have an infection or infestation that could spread to another tree if the diseased branches are not trimmed away. A sick tree might even need treatment to help it fight off the disease or to eliminate pests.

The landscaping service may also want to trim away all the dead branches so the problem doesn't spread to other trees and make your property look neglected and ugly. The landscaper has to be careful when working with a diseased tree that they don't spread the infection by using the same tools elsewhere without disinfecting them first.

Overgrown Shrubs Give Intruders Hiding Places

Shrubs are attractive when they're neatly trimmed, but if you get lax about maintaining shrubs, they can grow quite large and have branches growing in all directions. When you have big and bushy shrubs in your yard or along the foundation of your house, they could become a security issue if they give intruders a place to hide.

Trimming the shrubs to keep them short and confined to a small space makes it more difficult for intruders to hide in your yard and it makes the shrubs more attractive too.

Wild Growth Crowds Your Yard

Shrub branches and the low branches on trees can grow so close to the ground that they crowd your yard and make your yard look cluttered. This also makes a lot of shade that could affect the growth of your grass. The landscaping service can cut back excessive growth so shrubs are more compact and so tree branches are higher from the ground.

This lets more sunlight reach the grass so your grass can grow lush and healthy. Plus, too much shade can lead to mold growth, and that could give your yard a musty odor. Landscaping to maintain sunlight in your yard is a good practice since sunlight makes your yard look brighter and sunlight can even help with pest control since bugs tend to hide in shady spots.

For more information, contact a landscaping service near you.