3 Situations That Should Prompt Homeowners To Seek Emergency 24-Hour Tree Trimming Services

If you are a homeowner who is avid about home maintenance services, you likely aim to keep your landscape looking its best. Tree trimming is a service that homeowners should get, but some assume that they only need it performed on schedule. There are situations that can arise and create a need for a 24-hour emergency tree trimming service to be contacted. These situations are out of the control of homeowners and may occur when unexpected events occur. The following points identify a few scenarios that should prompt homeowners to get emergency trimming services.

Severe Weather

High wind can wreak havoc on tree systems, but it is possible for only one tree on a property to be impacted by these events. This can lead to homeowners mistakenly assuming that they do not have emergency needs. Obvious tree damage such as overhanging limbs need to be addressed as soon as possible and likely cannot wait until the next routine appointment. Waiting could lead to property damage or physical injuries. There might be hidden damages that homeowners can't detect, which is why it is a good idea to get trees inspected after severe weather events. Tall trees may have damage that is at the upper portion making it nearly impossible for untrained eyes to detect them

Signs of Disease

Branches may appear to go from healthy to unhealthy in a short time frame. If they are obviously dead, they can break off at any time. Certain scenarios can increase the likelihood. Wind, heavy rain, and cold weather can all lead to damaged tree branches breaking off.  Trees may harbor disease and appear healthy, which is why changes in appearance such as lichens growing on branches should be treated as emergencies. It is possible for infected trees to transmit certain diseases to other trees. Homeowners who do not react swiftly to changes in the appearance of their tree end up with trees that have to be removed. Early intervention can prevent this, and it might also mean that less trimming is required. 

Growth Pattern Concerns

As trees age, they can become more concerning for property owners. The branches may extend and hover above rooftops, which might seem advantageous because of the shade from the tree. However, the risk of falling branches makes it sensible to seek 24-hour tree trimming services as soon as tree growth patterns change. Sometimes trees inexplicably experience significant growth in certain areas. This usually requires advanced tree trimming because care has to be taken when removing portions to ensure too much is not removed at once. Waiting can lead to more excessive growth.

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