Put Tree In The Wrong Place? How You Can Transplant It

If you put a tree in the wrong place on your property, such as too near your home or too near the road, you can move it to another area. Transplanting a tree should be done correctly, however, or the tree could be damaged and may die. To prevent this from happening, below is information on how to transplant the tree. 

Tips for Transplanting

Water the tree properly a few days before you transplant it. This will soften the soil making it much easier for you to remove it from the ground.  You also need to wrap the lower branches with twine so they do not get in your way while you are digging. This will also help prevent the lower branches from becoming damaged while you are moving the tree. 

Use a shovel to remove the root ball, making sure you do not hit any of the roots and damage them. The root ball size will be determined by how large the trunk is. For example, if the tree diameter is 12 inches, the root ball should be dug with a radius of about 12 to 20 inches. When the tree is dug up wrap the root ball with moistened burlap and then secure the burlap. This will help prevent damage to the root ball during the transplant. You can then plant the tree in its new location. 

Hire a Tree Plant Service

If the tree is large or you do not have the skill hire a tree plant service to help you. This will ensure the tree is removed properly and then planted in its new location. It may take a few days for the transplant service to finish if the tree is very large. The tree plant service can also give you tips on where to place the tree and how to properly care for it after the transplantation. 

Transplanting a tree can cause a lot of shock and there is a chance that it could die. Having a tree plant service do this job for you will increase the chances of the tree surviving greatly. The transplant service has machinery they can use if a hand shovel cannot do the job well. For large trees, this may require a lift to carry the tree to the new location.

The tree transplant service can give you much more information about transplanting trees so your tree will grow well once it is transplanted in its new location.