5 Signs It’s Time To Prune Your Trees

Cooler weather is usually the best time to prune your trees. But does that mean you should wait for the fall season to prune your trees? No! You can have your trees pruned if you notice any of the signs discussed below.

Excessive Branch Density

If your trees have a high branch density, you might want to prune them. You can tell that there is excessive growth if you can't see through the branches. Branch density makes your trees look ugly, and it can also interfere with the undergrowth. Moreover, branch density exposes your property to severe damage whenever there is a heavy downpour and strong winds. 

Broken Branches

Broken branches are common after a storm, hurricane, or strong winds. Unfortunately, broken branches tend to expose the inside of your trees to diseases and pests. As such, you need to get rid of any broken branches before they expose the entire tree. 

Moreover, broken branches can be hazardous because they can fall and damage your home or even hurt your loved ones. Make it a habit to inspect your trees after a storm or any natural occurrence that can break tree branches.

Excessive Deadwood

If you notice plenty of deadwood on your trees, you should call a tree care service and have it pruned. Excessive deadwood is a clear sign your trees are sick or have been attacked by pests. 

But before you decide whether to prune the trees, you should call an arborist to evaluate the situation. In case the trees aren't severely damaged, your arborist might recommend how much you should have pruned.

Untamed Branches

Untamed branches are dangerous, especially if they entangle themselves around power lines or telephone wires. Besides, such branches make your trees look ugly because they always stick out. You need to take note of any wandering branches and have them pruned before they cause damage to your roof.

Misshapen Trees

If you allow trees to grow naturally without taking care of them, there is a likelihood they'll have a bad shape. Unfortunately, if a tree's structure isn't right, you'll have branches breaking often. Besides, the tree might lean on one side and interfere with the aesthetics of your yard. As such, you need to correct the shape through systematic pruning. You'll be surprised by the results you get from regular pruning.

Now that you've learned the signs you need to look for; it is up to you to decide whether you'll hire a tree pruning service or go the DIY route. If you choose the DIY route, learn how to prune the right way to avoid compromising the health of your trees.