5 Benefits Of Professional Mosquito Control

If mosquitoes are making your yard uninhabitable, it may be time for professional treatment. There are several benefits of leaving mosquito control to the pros. 

1. Integrated Advice

A mosquito service does more than just treat mosquitoes. They use an integrated approach to help eliminate breeding and resting areas in the yard. This may mean finding areas with standing water that you may have missed, such as in a clogged gutter or a low lawn area behind the garage. They will determine where the mosquitoes rest during the day by tracking down spots with long grasses or overly dense low tree branches. Managing these areas effectively makes your lawn less attractive to the pests.

2. Continuous Control

Most professional control methods are continuous, not a single treatment like some home remedies. Often, treatment begins with spraying the key congregation and breeding areas to destroy existing mosquitoes. Then a misting system may be installed to provide continuous control, or water treatment may be placed to continuously prevent breeding in ponds or water features. 

3. Low Effort Methods

Although the initial spraying and installation of continuous control methods requires some labor on the part of the mosquito service, there is little to no effort required from the homeowner. These control methods work quietly in the background. Your service provider will come out every four weeks or so to inspect and replenish things like misting systems as needed.

4. Increased Effectiveness

Professional treatments are often more effective than any DIY solution. Your mosquito service knows which pesticides are most effective against the mosquito species in your area. They are also better versed at where the local species tend to congregate and what times of day they are most active. This knowledge helps them better target the pests so that they can be destroyed before they breed and wreak havoc on your next backyard barbecue. 

5. Safer for Children and Pets

If you have children or pets, then there will be major concerns about their safety when it comes to spraying mosquito pesticides on the yard. Professional removal services have access to animal- and human-safe options that may not be available on the consumer market. The pros also have the knowledge on how to apply these pesticides so that children and pets aren't likely to come in contact with them.

Contact a mosquito removal service if you need more help with pests in your yard.