3 Tips To Deal With Tree Emergencies And Pruning During Warm Seasons

When the weather is warmer, trees become vulnerable to many problems. Insects, disease, and storms cause damage to trees. Sometimes these problems may require tree removal, and in other cases, emergency pruning or trimming will need to be done. Here are some tips to help deal with tree emergencies and pruning during the warm months.

1. Controlling Insect Infestations Early to Prevent Severe Tree Damage

Insect infestations are one of the major problems that can cause damage to trees during the summer months. Before the weather outdoors begins to get warm, you want to make sure to have a pest control service treat your landscaping for potential nuisance insects. If there is a problem with termites in your area and near your home, you may want to use bate traps and other professional tricks to prevent these insects from causing damage to your trees.

2. Dealing with Disease and Preventing Infection of Healthy Trees

Disease is another problem that can affect trees during the warmer months. There are many different types of diseases that affect trees, and some of these are contagious. Problems with disease that affect trees can affect healthy trees and cause serious damage. When there are unhealthy trees near your home and landscaping, it is often best to have them removed to prevent damage to other nearby trees that are healthy. Have a tree service inspect your trees for signs of disease and recommend treatments to control the problem and prevent it from spreading.

3. Pruning Trees in Warm Weather and Protecting Wounds From Insects And Disease

Another thing that you will want to do to care for your trees is routine pruning. There are two types of pruning that need to be done to trees in landscaping; you want to do seasonal pruning of your trees to ensure that they are healthy and occasional emergency pruning. Emergency pruning is needed when branches break or storms have caused damage to trees. When you have trees pruned for an emergency, you are also going to want to cover wounds to make sure they are protected from insects and disease. Use especially formulated treatments or clay to covers the wounds from pruning but is porous enough to allow the area of the tree to breath to prevent problems.

These are some tips to deal with tree emergencies and pruning during the warmer months. If you have a problem with the trees on your property, contact a tree service like Tree Landers for professional help with emergency care.