The Top Three Reasons You Should Prune Your Trees

If you have a yard full of trees and bushes, you should prune them on a regular basis. Here are three reasons why you need to prune your trees and shrubs or why you should hire someone to prune them for you.

#1 Health

The number one reason why it is important to prune your trees and shrubs is that pruning can help the overall health of your plants. Pruning is a great way to remove branches that are either already dead or are damaged. Branches can become damaged by diseases, insects, storms or even animals; this is a good way to take care of branches that are holding your trees back from their full potential.

When branches start to rub together, they have to compete with one another for resources. Pruning allows you to trim back branches that are rubbing together and crowding one another out. This type of pruning will help the remaining branches get the resources that they need to thrive.

#2 Appearance

Another reason why you should prune your trees is to improve their appearance in your yard. Pruning can help you control the natural shape of your trees. Pruning can allow you to control the size and shape of the trees in your yard, so that they don't become too large for the area where you have them planted. When you prune evergreens, it helps keep their grown proportional and it helps the branches grow in and form a denser cover.

Pruning can also improve appearances by removing branches that stick out from the primary structure of the tree and take away from the overall aesthetic of the tree.

#3 Protection

Finally, pruning is a great way to protect your family and your home. Any branches that are dead should be removed so that they don't fall out of your tree unexpectedly and injure someone or something.

You also don't want tree branches hanging down over your home, garage, or shed. If the limbs ever fall off, they could damage the roof on any of these structures. Pruning is a great way to protect your home from falling limbs.

If you have trees growing near your driveway or the roadway, proper trimming can also increase visibility, such as when a tree is near an intersection.

Proper pruning can improve the health of your trees, it can improve their appearance, and it can help keep you and your property safe. Contact a company like Yarnell Tree Co Inc to learn more about your options.