Three Times That It’s Wise to Hire a Tree Service

While it's commendable to want to roll up your sleeves and tackle any tree-related issue in your yard, the reality is that this work can be extremely dangerous. A simple mistake by an amateur can lead to significant property damage, injury or even death. Aside from minor trimming jobs, it's a better choice to put down your saw and pick up the phone to call a tree service. Armed with a combination of the right equipment and the right skills, tree service employees will be able to handle any tree-related job correctly and safely. Here are three instances in which it's of paramount importance to call a tree service.

Tree Rot

A tree that shows telltale signs of rot, which can include a significant amount of fungus around the base and black spots on the trunk, is unpredictable to work with. Rotten branches might initially look sturdy, but the reality is that they can be unpredictable and break off easier than expected. You should always call a tree service when you notice a rotten tree in your yard. The experts will be able to inspect the rot to determine if the tree can be salvaged or if it needs to come down. In either case, it's important to have skilled workers on the job to prevent injuries or property damage.

Branches Near Power Sources

Any tree that's growing near a power line or power pole will eventually have its branches spread toward this potential hazard. The last thing you should ever do is try to trim the tree to avoid the branches interfering with the power; doing so is the right idea, but only when handled by trained professionals. Tree service employees will expertly identify the problematic branches and remove them safely. This process typically includes a series of ropes that can allow the experts to pull the branches away from the power sources and lower them to your yard in a controlled way.

Storm Damage

Inclement weather can often play a detrimental role in the health of the trees in your yard. Whether a tree is splintered by a lightning strike or a buildup of freezing rain causes a limb to snap, it's no time to think about working on the tree yourself. Damaged trees, like those with rot, are highly unpredictable and challenging to work with. Hiring a tree service is necessary; the experts will identify the branches that pose a problem and remove them safely.

If you have any questions about getting a tree removed, consider contacting a local tree service, such as Carlos Tree Service Inc, to discuss your concerns.