Transplant A Small Maple Tree If It Isn’t Receiving Enough Sunlight

If a small maple tree is growing close to your home's front porch and is wilting because it is not receiving enough sunlight, remove it from its current location and plant it in a more favorable one by completing the following instructions. After the tree has been transplanted, make sure that it receives plenty of water and you will soon notice that it is flourishing in its new surroundings.


  • tarp
  • garden shovel
  • hand shovel
  • measuring tape
  • twine
  • scissors
  • mulch
  • water hose

Remove The Tree From Its Current Location

Place a tarp on the ground, next to the maple tree. Use a large shovel to loosen and remove the soil around the tree. Do not dig down too deeply because it could harm the root system if the tip of the shovel strikes any of the roots. Take your time digging the hole so that you can clearly see where the roots are as you continue removing dirt. As you get closer to the roots, use a hand shovel to assist with loosening them from the ground.

Test the tree's trunk to see how loose it is by gently moving it back and forth. Once the trunk feels wobbly, firmly grasp it with both hands and pull the tree and root system from the ground. Lay the tree in the middle of the tarp.

Replant The Tree

Drag the tarp to a section of your property that is flat and that receives plenty of sunlight. Measure the width of the root system and dig a hole that is slightly wider so that the roots will not be crushed. Dig the hole as deep as the previous hole. Insert the tree in the hole and have a friend or family member hold onto the trunk while you cover the roots with dirt. Press the ground's surface down firmly with the back of a shovel.

If the tree doesn't feel very stable after it is planted, tie a couple pieces of twine around its trunk and secure the ends of them to a sturdy item located nearby. The tree's roots will need time to take hold, so leave the twine in place until the trunk feels stable. Use a garden hose to add water around the base of the trunk. Add a thin, even layer of mulch around the trunk to help the soil retain moisture.

Water the tree a few times a week until you notice that it is thriving and has increased in size. As the tree grows larger, it will add beauty to your property and provide beneficial shade. 

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