Tips for Safely Grinding an Unwanted Tree Stump

If you are tired of tripping over that old tree stump in your backyard, then you can easily rectify the situation by renting a stump grinder or hiring a stump remover. Even if you do not have any experience with operating a stump grinder, you can easily complete this project in a single afternoon.

Here are tips to keep you safe while you are working with the stump grinder to ensure the removal process goes off without a hitch.

Locate Buried Utilities and Other Hazards

Trees and large bushes often contain hazards under their roots. Some of these hazards include:

  • Metal garden implements
  • Old fence material
  • Sprinklers

In addition, you can have buried gas or power lines that run under your tree stump. For these reasons, you should always call your local utility companies to ensure that the area you will be digging up does not contain any utility lines. Additionally, take time to dig around the stump and remove any metal objects that may be located under the ground near the tree. If you own one, you can use a metal detector to be sure there are no more buried metal hazards.

Clear Material from the Base of the Stump

In addition to buried lines and metals, rocks and vines can damage your rented stump grinder and endanger your well-being. The rocks can become airborne and the vines can wrap themselves around the moving parts of the stump grinder. For these reasons, use a shovel and remove all of the landscaping materials, rocks, and dirt from around the stump before you start to grind it out.

Rent the Right Size Stump Grinder 

When you visit a landscaping equipment rental company to rent a stump grinder, you will need to let the staff know what species of tree you will be removing, as well as its approximate size. Stump grinders are available in different sizes, and using a grinder that is too big or too small for the job will lead to safety issues and make the job more complicated for you to complete.

Keep Your Limbs Away from the Stump Grinder's Moving Parts

Finally, a stump grinder can always be repaired, but the same cannot always be said about your body parts. Never attempt to reach near the blades or any other moving parts of the stump grinder. If sticks or rocks become lodged in the stump grinder, turn it off before you attempt to remove the offending material.

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