4 Reasons To Remove A Tree On Your Property

As a homeowner, paying attention to the trees on your property is important because you won't want them to cause any problems with your property or a neighbor's. Some trees will need regular pruning, emergency trims, and more. However, some trees may just need to be removed if any problem becomes too extreme. Here are four reasons to remove a tree on your property:

  1. There is Trunk Damage: If there are any signs of trunk damage, you are probably going to need to remove the tree. This is because things, such as vertical cracks, large wounds, and fungus growing on the truck indicate that the tree is not stable. Trees that have these signs of damage are likely to fall and cause damage to your property or a neighbor's They can also be dangerous to anyone who is walking or playing near the tree. 
  2. There are Large Dead Branches: Large dead braces are also a sign that the tree may need to be removed. If there is only a couple of large dead branches, you can hire a professional to remove these branches. However, if there are a number of dead branches, especially on one side of the tree, this is a sign of root or trunk damage on the tree, and it will need to be removed. 
  3. The Tree is Leaning: A leaning tree indicates that the roots are weak and the tree will need to be removed. If not removed, strong winds can cause the tree to fall and cause damage and compromise people's safety. A leaning tree will eventually fall anyway, even if the area in which you live doesn't often suffer from strong winds and storms. The leaning tree will eventually cave under the pressure. 
  4. The Tree is Under a Power Line: If a tree is growing too large and the branches begin to touch the power line, it can cause problems, especially once it rains. The wetness can cause a power outage. If you have a tree that is touching the power lines, you will either have to have it trimmed or removed if the tree is too large and trimming won't make much of a difference. 

By knowing some reasons to remove a tree on your property, you can better know what signs to look for that indicate you must call the professionals in. Be sure that you also have a tree removal service inspect your trees regularly to ensure that any problems you weren't able to see can be treated before they become worse.