Christmas Tree Removal Services: 4 Ways To Dispose Of Your Tree After The Holidays

Having a real tree in the house at Christmastime helps make the whole house smell like Christmas. However, the tree is no longer in contact with its root system, and therefore will need to be removed after the holidays to prevent a fire from occurring. Some cities allow you to place the tree curbside, but there are other tree removal services that can help dispose of your tree.

Christmas Tree Delivery and Tree Removal Services

Some Christmas tree delivery services also offer tree removal services. You can schedule tree removal after you purchase your tree. The companies that offer this service usually recycle the trees for kindling and firewood, which they either resell or use in their own fireplaces.

Tree Disposal Bags

Some Christmas tree lots, especially those associated with floral shops, frequently sell tree disposal bags. These bags open wide, allowing you to place the base of the tree in the center of the bag, pull the bag up over the top of the tree and secure it. This keeps all of the dead and dying limbs and evergreen needles from dropping all over your carpets and floors as you haul it out the door after Christmas.

Incinerators and Outdoor Fireplaces

If you live in an apartment complex, you may have an incinerator in the basement or on the first floor in the utility room. If your landlord allows, you may use the incinerator to burn the tree. Just be sure to chop the tree up into small enough sections so that you do not start an enormous fire in the utility room or basement! If you own your own home and you have an outdoor fireplace, you can essentially do the same thing as someone who has access to an incinerator. Check with city ordinances first; you may need to renew your burning permit or purchase a special permit that allows you burn wood outdoors in winter.

Outdoor Tree Removal Services

Outdoor tree service companies may also provide seasonal tree disposal. They may work independently of the city in which you live, requiring that you call them and request a disposal, or they may work for the city. If the tree service company works seasonally for the city, there will be a notice in your city-wide bulletin alerting you to specific dates that you can set your tree on the curb and the tree service will bring a tree chipper through and toss all of the used Christmas trees into it. Then the mulch this creates is either sold or donated.

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