How To Prepare Your Garden For Winter

Every leaf that falls to the ground signals winter's fast approach. At this point, nearly all the trees are bare and if you haven't prepared your garden for winter, then now is definitely the time. Here are some tips to help you make sure your garden is winter-ready.

Removal of Dead Plants and Debris

It's important to remove old debris and dead plants from your garden to keep it clean and healthy for winter and next spring. Some examples of debris that need to be removed is:

  • Old mulch: Remove old mulch as soon as possible before winter. Not removing mulch will prohibit your plants from preparing properly for winter.
  • Remove leaves and other debris: Dried up leaves and other debris that may find its way into your garden can cause the growth of disease and winter hardy insects.
  • Remove dead plants: It is important to remove dead plants and soggy leaves. Any plant that shows evidence of disease or rot needs to be removed immediately. It won't get better over winter.

Mulch and Compost

Spread fresh mulch around newly planted seedlings, trees, and shrubberies in early winter. This helps keep your delicate plants warm and protected for winter. Cover up the rest of your garden with compost. This helps protect your garden by keeping it rich in minerals, vitamins, and other sources of nourishment that generally decrease in winter.

Prune Perennials

Prune your perennials back after the first frost. Make sure that there has been at least one frost before you do this because if you cut it back before the plant has gone dormant, then it either won't make it through the winter or it will grow back puny in the spring.

Protect Your Trees

Any delicate or young trees need to also be prepared for winter. Wrap the trunks of your most vulnerable trees with tree wrap paper to protect against bark breakage. There are sprays you can buy to shield your evergreens against winter burn, which happens when some types of evergreens are exposed to damaging winds or midday sun. You can also use screens to help cut back on the harsh winter sun.

A lot goes on this time of year but, It's important to not ignore preparations for winter in your garden. If you prepare now, then there will be less work in spring and you can enjoy a healthy and more productive garden. Contact a company like Tri-Point Tree & Landscaping for more information.