Stump Removal You Can Do On Your Own

If you have a tree stump on your property that you do not wish to have present any longer, there are a few methods you can use to remove it. Most people will opt for a professional tree service, like Dubois Tree & Land Management LLC, to come to their home to remove the stump entirely. This is the best option, but if you feel you can handle the work on your own, there are a few ways stumps can be removed with the proper tools. Here are some stump removal methods you can try to get that stump out of the ground for good.

Burning The Stump

Stumps can be burned down to a pile of ash. To burn the stump on your property, you will need to do the process during a time when there is no chance of precipitation. When you notice a dry spell is on the way, bore holes into the top of your stump using a drill. Pour gasoline or kerosene into these holes and let it prime the wood for several days before setting it ablaze. Make sure someone is on hand to watch over the burning process to control the fire from spreading.

Grinding The Stump

A professional tree service would use a stump grinder to remove the stump from your property. If you feel confident with heavy machinery, you can rent this piece of equipment from your local hardware store or rental supply service. Make sure someone at the business gives you directions on how your particular model works before you attempt grinding the stump on your own. Have a friend nearby to spot you as you work in case an injury occurs. Always wear safety goggles and appropriate gloves while working closely with this machinery, as flying chips can cause injury if you are not well-protected.

Disintegrating The Stump

Purchase chemicals that will make the wood disintegrate over time. These can be found in the landscaping department at your local home goods store. Drill holes in the top of your stump and pour the chemicals inside. This may take several weeks to work. Add more of the chemical every few days. Check the stump periodically to see if you are able to break it apart using a shovel. In time, it will fall into pieces that you can easily remove.

Decorating The Stump

Consider allowing the stump to stay by decorating it to spruce up your yard. Drill out the top portion of the stump, leaving a few inches around the perimeter in place, so that the stump resembles a large bowl. Fill this with potting soil and plant colorful flowers inside to be enjoyed by anyone who comes to visit. You can change out the flowers each year to give your yard a new look.