4 Important Reasons to Get Rid of Old Stumps in Your Yard

After you cut down trees in your yard, you are going to be left with a bunch of old stumps. You are not going to want to leave those old stumps hanging around in your yard. There are many important reasons why you should remove those old stumps when you get your old trees removed from your yard.

Reason #1: Get Rid of a Safety Hazard

Stumps are not safe to have in your yard. They stick out just enough that someone walking or running through your yard can trip over them and get hurt, but they don't stick out enough to allow you to see them before you make contact with them. If you have little kids that run around your yard, you don't want them to trip on the stump, or fall and hit their head or other body parts on the sharp edges of the tree trunks. 

Reason #2: Keep Pests Away

After a while, a stump is essentially a dead piece of log, just sitting in the middle of your yard, attracting pests. All kinds of pests enjoy old stumps. For example, burrowing animals may want to create their burrows under the old stump. Smaller pests, like carpenter ants or termites, may also move into the stump. These are all pests that you don't want to have on your property, nor near the rest of your home. Getting rid of these pests will make your home a safer place.

Reason #3: Easier Lawn Care

Mowing around a tree is annoying but necessary, as the tree provides a lot of shade and other benefits to your home. Mowing around a stump, that is doing nothing but just sitting, and sticking out of the ground, is annoying at best. It is just a nuisance when it comes to taking care of your yard. If you to make taking care of your yard an easier task, you are going to want to start by getting rid of things like stumps that just get in the way and don't add to your yard at all.

Reason #4: Visually Appealing

Some people like the look of stumps, but to most people, they are an eyesore. Having a stump, or a bunch of stumps in your yard takes away from the visual appeal of your home. If you are considering refinancing or selling your home in the future, having stumps in your yard can reduce your home's curb appeal, and literally reduce the value of the home.

Getting rid of the stumps in your yard after you cut down the trees is just a smart choice. Your yard will be safer, look nicer, be easier to care for and pests will be less attracted to your home. Call a tree service that specializes in stump removal today to get rid of the stumps in your yard.