3 Steps For A Better Lawn In The New Year

Are you tired of having a sub-par lawn? Do you want to do something about it in the upcoming year? Despite grass being one of those plants that will decide at random to grow in places where it should not be, such as in sidewalk cracks, it may also stubbornly decide not to grow where you actually want it to be. Fortunately, despite its almost whimsical nature, grass isn't exactly an overly complicated plant. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you have a beautiful lawn next year and for many years to come. These include:

Install sprinklers: A sprinkler system is one of those things that may sound like it's for lazy rich people, but it is actually just a sensible choice. A professional sprinkler installation will allow for more coverage of your lawn when watering while also using less water in general than a manual watering session. It can also be set on a timer so that your lawn will always get watered, even if you are at work or out running various errands. Although a sprinkler system is hardly free to install, it can easily pay for itself after just one year in the form of less stress and aggravation regarding your lawn.

Reseed: During the sprinkler installation process, it's obvious that the install technicians will have to dig into your lawn to lay the pipes that will carry the water to the individual sprinkler heads. You can ask that the turf gets removed in sections, not unlike what you would get at your local lawn and garden center, and saved to be put back into place after the installation has been put into place. However, you might as well take advantage of this situation to completely start over with a new lawn. Instead of established lawn and sections of stressed out turf, take advantage of the new automatic watering system to completely reseed your lawn and start anew.

Soil testing: One of the reasons why your lawn may be struggling right now is because it simply doesn't have the right nutrients to support the growth of grass. Different soils naturally have different amounts of nutrients and different fertilizers also have various levels of nutrients available. If you simply dump fertilizer on a lawn without testing to ensure that it's correct for your soil type, you could wind up with a nutrient imbalance that even a sprinkler installation will be unable to fix. If your lawn still seems to be struggling after planting it anew, get your soil tested to see if you need a different type of fertilizer than the one that you've been using.

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