Four Tips To Help You Deal With Roots In Your Sewer Lines And Clogged Pipes

If you have trees around your home, they can be valuable but they can also present many problems. This is not just the danger of branches falling and causing damage. The roots of trees may not be seen, but they can get into sewer lines and cause major problems with the plumbing in your home. Here are some tips to help you deal with root problems in your sewer lines and clogged plumbing:

1. Remove Trees That Are Too Close To Sewer Installations

If you have trees on your property, some of the trees that are too close to sewer lines may need to be removed. Consider the type of trees and root systems. Pine trees may be safe if they are far enough away because they have shallow root systems. Oaks and other hardwoods have broad root systems, so you may want to remove any that are too close to the lines.

2. Root Barriers To Stop Tree Problems With Sewer Lines

Root barriers are another way that you can prevent root problems with your sewer system. This can be something as simple as a piece of wood buried between the tree and sewer lines. There are also more modern solutions that use chemical treatments and synthetic materials to help deter root growth near sewer lines.

3. Using Landscape Designs That Are Safe For Sewer Lines

It also important to consider landscaping design if you want to protect your home from sewer line problems. By planting your landscaping with plants that are safe for sewer lines, you can prevent many of these problems. This means do not plant trees and other plants with extensive root systems near your sewer lines.

4. Sewer Jetting And Other Repairs For Damaged Sewer Lines

It may be too late to prevent the problems with your sewer lines. This means that you may need to have repairs done. To unclog drains, sewer jetting can be done to remove roots and debris from the lines. If this does not fix the problem, you may need to have the lines replaced and do some of the other steps to help prevent future problems with your lines.

These are some tips to help you deal with problems of roots in your sewer lines. If trees are causing your root problems in your sewer lines, contact a tree removal service to have them removed to protect your home from further damage.  

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